Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Book : The Hunger Game by Suzanne Collins

its very rare for me to read a book and really have a big passion to finish it as soon as possible because interested as movie.  When i read this book, its really makes me feel i involved and be her.  Read the book give me a feeling like watching a real movie or event, makes me keep noisy when i read it :)

Tittle : The Hunger Game
Author : Suzanne Collins
Pages : 374
Publisher : Scholastic (United States)
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I'm in love with 'The Hunger Game' at first when i see the 'coming soon' trailer on xxi before i watch Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol on last January.  Then i'm in love with Jennifer Lawrence, even i still dont read the book and dont know anything about the hunger game book.  Then i update a twitter status on my twitter account, @ok3astra and my father's friend @rianariyudha tell me he have that book.  I just say i may interested reading it but i dont really have a think that the book is really fun, i thought it could be boring book because most element of the story is fiction with a fighting action so it just can represent by watching the movie.  After a month and weeks, finally he borrowed me the book, The Hunger Game and the second book, Catching Fire.  After back to my dormitory i feel lazy to read it because mid term would held in two weeks but i read the first page and then really passionate to finish it until i sleep late at dawn :) I really love this book.

The hunger game, tell you a story about a smart and tough girl, Katniss Everdeen that always support her family.  She really love her daughter, Primrose and really take an act as a parent because her mother cant survive any longer after her father’s dead.  She lived in Panem, which called as District 12, mostly worker there is the miner.  She illegally hunt at the restricted forest with her childhood friend, Gale.  At their life, people at Panem and other 12 district, have to join a game that held by the powerful city there, Capitol, who dominated all the distribution of the district’s work.  At their game, live on television, they must gambling to be chosen, all the district’s people must involved there, start 14 years old until 18 years old.  

This is the first year of Primrose, the daughter of Katniss involve at this gambling, unfortunately, Primrose’s name has been choosen as the representative of district 12.  Katniss really upset and give herself to join this battle-to-death game.  With autodidact skills that she have from her father, the survival skills she have because her responsibility to protect her family. She have a good opportunity to raise her talent and survival skill in this game and get a right and smart mentor, Effie and Haymitch even Haymitch always sarcastic and get drunk at first, she also supported by the talented fashion-mentor, Cinna that could make a fantastic fashion and gown for her appearance in television.  The brutally things that she must face at the hunger game with all the setting, and her friendship with her challenger, Rue and her challenger from same district, Peeta makes the game at there be more dramatic because she finally have a choice : Kill or Killed.

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