Monday, September 15, 2014

My Midnight Coffee

Some people dont understand why i need a coffee in the middle of the night.  Dont you want to go to sleep, he said.  No, i reject politely.  You cant questioned about what i want, you cant tell me what to do, you dont ask me what i dont want to do.

My midnight coffee is my ritual.  To call your presence, to remind me about the good things.  One last shot, i said.  There always be my one last shot.  To calling you back.  When i'm lonely or clueless about this life, when i need somewhere to escape.  A chance to keep close with your memories.  An opportunity to embrace all i have with you, all the thought, all the vision.

They tell me i can't move on with my life and stop looking for someone else.  They are wrong, i just feeding your soul in my memories so you wont fade away, i am move on with my life, but i carry you inside of me.  Cause we are temporary, but that love you bring to my life is permanent and forever. Time never beat ours.  I promise you.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pada Kata Kata Yang Tak Terkatakan

Suatu hari nanti, akan kumintakan sebuah maaf kepada kata-kata yang tak terkatakan.  Kepada kata-kata di kepala dan di ujung lidah yang ingin terucap.  Tapi lantas urung karena ketegaan pada ego diri sendiri.  Kata-kata kadang tak nyata dalam ucap, namun berlalu dalam sebuah akibat.  Aku dan kamu, masih belum siap menanggung akibatnya.

Beberapa kata-kata namun, begitu kuat hingga ia tidak membutuhkan lidah untuk terucap, nyata dalam ingin yang akan diperbuat.  Tapi aku tau, suatu hari nanti waktu pula yang akan membuatnya cepat berlalu.

Monday, September 8, 2014


Dream is the flower, they said.  So when i dream about you again last night, that was the scariest flower they ever gave me, makes me feel happy, scared and sad at the same time.  How we could meet again and back like we just know for the first time.  Spend our time together, laughing and guessing.  Its the weirdest thing happen since last night i just meet an old friend and have a good time.  Is it a sign or what? In this pointless life now i just missing you that much enough to keep dreaming about you and wondering will me meet again?
I'm not that really into you but you just keep coming on my mind. What if and what if.  I wish i could turn back time, and left the sorrow behind. Oh, i just dream so many things.  and its never enough.