Thursday, December 29, 2011

ho (me) li day

My boyfriend give me a nice present, his present at my home.  I'm very happy because i miss him so much.  He drive with his new motorcycle from Mempawah, Kabupaten Pontianak, spent +-3 hours to my home.  So, we spent a day together then he take a photoshoot with me.  (Unfortunately i can't find someone else to take our photo) :( But i really happy. I hope our relationship would last ! 

*This is a fake photoshoot because you can't ride a motorcycle with highheels, anyway*

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mimpi Sejuta Dolar

Me and Mudricca go to Gramedia Pontianak then we buy a book and have a nice dinner at Solaria. Then at the best sellers shelf i found this book, i follow @merryriana account and i think this book have a positive comments from others. So i buy it.  You can visit her website too at  She such an inspirational lady that can motivate us, especially women to wake up and hard work.

Tittle : Mimpi Sejuta Dolar
Author : Alberthiene Endah
Third Edition : November 2011
Publisher : PT. Gramedia Pustaka Utama, Jakarta
362 Pages

Reading Status : Completed


Cerita yang mengalir berdasarkan kisah hidup nyata Merry Riana ini sungguh menginspirasi.  Dari awal dia masuk ke Nanyang Technology University di Singapura dengan keterbatasan bahasa inggris dan uang yang pas-pasan karena perpindahannya yang mendadak dari Indonesia, hingga penghematan luar biasa yang harus dia lakukan, menahan lapar dan hanya makan mie dan roti seadanya hingga kini berhasil sukses menginspirasikan wanita di seluruh dunia dengan penghasilannya sebesar satu juta dolar di usianya yang ke dua puluh enam.  Cerita ini sangatlah menarik, karena dirangkai dengan kata-kata yang sederhana, detil namun tetap ringan mengalir menjadikannya bacaan yang santai namun tetap memberikan makna tentang arti perjuangan, lewat kedisiplinan yang tinggi serta kesabaran mengahadapi proses dalam kehidupan.  Tidak ada yang gratis di dunia ini, pay it forward or pay it later.  Dalam setiap hal ada harga yang harus dibayar.   Selain menceritakan tentang perjuangan Merry Riana, di dalam buku ini juga terselip kisah cinta Merry dan suaminya sekarang, Alva yang menurut saya begitu realistis, dan indah.  Karena mereka adalah partner yang saling mensupport dari bawah, saling menguatkan ketika mereka benar-benar berada di titik nol dan dililit kemiskinan.  Beruntung kerja keras mereka akhirnya terbayar, sekarang mereka mampu keluar dari zona kemiskinan hingga menjadi miliarder seperti sekarang.

Membaca buku ini kemudian membawa saya untuk melihat saya, sekarang.  Di umur yang ke 20 ini, apa yang sudah saya lakukan? Saat ini saya hanya mampu berjuang di tempat saya yang sekarang, melawan semua kejenuhan, dan keterbatasan untuk menempa diri saya terus berkembang meski dalam keterbatasan waktu, tenaga dan pikiran yang terkuras untuk sebuah kedisiplinan hidup di asrama, serta birokrasi yang ketat.  Menyesal? Tidak perlu dan terlanjur, mungkin ini lah jalan yang terbaik untuk saya, malah di asrama saya mendapatkan pelajaran-pelajaran yang penting dalam kehidupan.  Ke depan, semoga saja saya bisa lebih baik dari sebelumnya.  Melangkah maju.  Selangkah demi selangkah ke depan.  Bismillah.

The Labyrinth : The Review

" “If you can't have what you love, love everything you have - French Proverbs."
Alice, is a volunteer who spent her summer at Pyreness, Sabarthes Mountain at archeology things.  Then she start her journey alone to a mysterious place where she found a ring with an ancient pattern she cant understand.  Then she found herself searching by mysterious people. 
Alais, the healer and herbalist that write a journal and be a secret-safer from the civil war.  The journal is written with symbols and diagrams that Alice can't really understand.  The journal of Alais actually keep a secret from the buried, and there are people want it and hunt Alice.    
Then a nightmare haunt Alice, she have a vision being Alais that haunted by something that want her book.  Both of them, in past or in the present is haunted by same nightmare.  About a destiny that would connect them, or even a reincarnation?
I like the twist plot. And give a nice story to read.  To fill the relax time at the night or afternoon.  But maybe i dont really like the oldies setting because its seems not clear for me (i dont have the imagination about it) So i just cant imagine another things. 
I'm not finish it yet now.  Maybe want to pending to next time i feel really bored.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday Reading

Tittle : Labyrinth 
Author : Kate Mosse
Publisher : Orion Books, London 2005
Traslated Publisher : Penerbit Qanita, PT Mizan Pustaka, Bandung
Translated Pages : 673
Days Read Target : 3 Days ( Saturday - Sunday - Monday)
Review : Coming Soon

For my holiday, i want to read this book, Labyrinth by Kate Mosse.  Hmm.  Maybe at this holiday i dont have so much plan, because i still can't make my own money to waste. :) So i prefer to save it, and just enjoy what i have now.  The new year maybe would be a precious time to enjoy because 2012 would full of schedule, after i back to my college, at there would be a test for final semester 5, then physics test to go.  *having that idea just makes me tired* and... here we go... i will make some resolution (again) at power point for 2012.  Wish me luck guys ! :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

history from the buried

Mandor is one of place at West Kalimantan that have historical moment. A life witness seeing how many fighter must die, thousands leader in all West Kalimantan died on Japanesse company's hand. Because of politics. Its all about power. How people could kill their humanity for something materials.
The shocking news also shocking me, a student college die while demo to the council, Sondang, then farmers killed at Mesuji, because of palm oil company.
I still dont have clear idea for my future. I dont know will i gonna be fighter that may die in pride, or common people? sometimes i feel there is something in this life i must achieve, to be reminded, to be a story. But for that i also have something to suffers.
Can I? May I just want to life peacefully, but I know I must fight for all I want to. At least for myself, for my pride( but not for extreme way) and for people that always supports me.
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

nature calls

Survey on  the road for campus night event.
Location : Purnama Street, Pontianak City, West Kalimantan

When you are busy making plans.  There would be a time for you to take a breath.  To walk slowly.  To be concious about your present, your purpose to the world, its not just about get all you want, but it also to enjoy every moment you breath... Enjoy every precious things in your life.  To feel more... Alive.