Monday, September 30, 2013


Kupanggil ia rumah.
Karena di hatinya hatiku bernaung, tak mau pergi

kupanggil ia rumah.
karena setiap kali langkah kakiku melangkah pergi
selalu menyeret setiap ingin untuk kembali

kupanggil ia rumah.
karena meski telah seribu caci maki
selalu ada seribu satu maaf seketika dari hati

kupanggil ia rumah.
karena meski pintu pagar telah tertutup
dan pintu depan telah terkunci
selalu ada cemas dan harap untuk diterima kembali

kupanggil ia rumah
karena mudah saja, untuk selalu mencintai kembali.
berulang ulang kali.
berulang ulang kali.
berulang ulang kali.

Pontianak, 30 September 2013

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Episode Singkat

Kuceritakan padamu sebuah cerita tentang kehilangan, katamu sambil memperlihatkan hati dalam genggaman tangan yang asing yang tak mau kau sebut panggilannya.  Seorang anak kecil yang lugu dan polos dalam matamu menari dalam taman kanak kanak imajiner.  Kemudian luruh dan runtuh langit yang tiada itu menjadi deru air mata yang mengalir dari sungai yang tak pernah kau ketahui muaranya.  Atap atap tembikar menyeruak menelusupkan rintik dari celah-celah rajutan ke dalam matanya kemudian ia berlari, mencari keteduhan dari pohon yang begitu rimbun namun rintik masih menitik dalam helai helai dedaunan yang jatuh menua, berjalan pula ia terlalu jauh dan orang yang begitu asing memberikan benda ajaib yang cembung dan menjatuhkan bulir rintik dari terpanya. Tapi anak kecil itu melihat awan yang muram, tidak tega membiarkannya tak berkawan karena alasan.  Jemari yang menapak kemudian terlalu melebur dalam lunak hingga kau tak bisa berpijak. Tiada yang mampu menahan bulir yang menyerahkan dirinya untuk lebur dan hancur. 

Sehingga tinggal genggamanmu dalam hati yang melingkupi resah yang melumat gundah, kuserahkan nadi untuk menjalar ke seluruh semesta. 

Maka kau kecup keningku dan kau bilang itu cinta.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Phase By Phase

with my notulen and friend
 during the trial

Yesterday i was going through one of an important moment from my academic phase, the trial of my script.  As a pessimist, of course i prepared my self to kind of manslaughter, means that i know i have so many mistake that i even dont know what it is. We will never complete all of the standard of every human being, but sometimes we can negotiate, and at trial, its not about the negotiation (like getting a signature of accordance). Anything can happen in trial, any deficiency could be your gate of humiliation and etc. But its okay, its worth enough. Because it will be your way to open another phase of your life. Life would be up and down. Its okay to going through all of that, at least the day still running, after your happiness there comes sadness, after your sadness maybe there would be a contentment. Then a beautiful lyrics from Coldplay just got into my head, If you never try, you never know...

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Maaf Ketiga

Malam ini, maaf memberikan tiga.
Hanya Tiga.
Cukup Tiga.
Sementara tiga.

Pertama, untuk orang yang selalu ada,
setiap waktu,
entah apapun di baliknya.
Hanya ada.

Kedua, untuk orang yang telah terlalu banyak mencintai,
dan kurasakan segalanya meskipun tetap tak bisa.
hanya tak bisa saja.

Ketiga, untuk diriku sendiri
yang hingga kini
masih belum memaafkannya,
tapi tetap mencintai yang tiada.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

di celah pikiranmu+

Adakahku berada di celah pikiranmu
permisi masuk menjelajahi pikiran liarmu+
tersisakah sejengkal ruang untukku

tak ada kata tersisa
sudah remuk habis
pergi tersesat,
terhambur memuai udara
puluhan purnama tlah engkau denganku
adakah kusesali waktu
jika ku tamak
ingin memilikimu
mencintaimu lebih lama lagi

sat, sept 7 2013

Friday, September 6, 2013

Movies Week

Seriously, being off from my campus and any worth activity is not something i can handle, not because i can't doing anything but i just broke because my saving is not enough to support my needs (and wants) of course.  How come? I just still cant adapt to a blank schedule. 
Okay. Skip the 'curcol' and next to the movies i watched. Thanks to new store near my house for support this hobbies, and thanks for company me! Super!

#1 Now You See Me

Directed byLouis Leterrier
Produced byBobby Cohen
Alex Kurtzman
Roberto Orci
Screenplay byEd Solomon
Boaz Yakin
Edward Ricourt
Story byBoaz Yakin
Edward Ricourt
StarringJesse Eisenberg
Mark Ruffalo
Woody Harrelson
Mélanie Laurent
Isla Fisher
Dave Franco
Michael Caine
Morgan Freeman
I think this is the best movies for this weekend, the plot is so neat and unread. Stunning! Its a perfect combination from strategic thinker and the visual-actions and fights. Plus, the information about the magician history, and more local myths are blended nicely.  I like the concept where people know what they do, passion about it and have a little revenge' things. People who willing to give everything to get anything. I glad that i'm not watching this on the xxi cinema because i would like to rewatch it again! :)

#2 A Good Day To Die Hard

Directed byJohn Moore
Produced by
Screenplay bySkip Woods
Based onCharacters
by Roderick Thorp
No matter what happen, i will always love Bruce Willis! but i think this movie makes me a little boring, beside the dad-son relationship and sexy russians i think the enemy was made too rush. After all, the damaged set is always amaze me, crushed car everywhere, chaos street, tank, helicopter just a pleasure to my eyes. 

#3 The Mortal Instruments : City Of Bones

Directed byHarald Zwart
Produced byDon Carmody
Robert Kulzer
Screenplay byJessica Postigo Paquette
Based onCity of Bones
by Cassandra Clare
Of course like what i predict before i watch it alone at XXI in the middle of the night this is another twilight, but a little... darker? same great point to selling the handsome and pretty face plus a personality style but still, chessy romaticsm sometimes just makes me sick! (no offense to romance but its just too... much...) Quite entertaining, and for the next sequel, i'll choose to watch it at home.

#4 Rectoverso

My favourite Indonesian writer : Dewi Lestari. I cant tell how much i love her writing especially at Supernova. I think her writing just have many contribution to my personality now. *halah. The movie is combine five story that have one idea, one conclusion : an unsaid love. Smart, because of course all of us will feel connected with this movie because all of us maybe have an unsaid love.  The dialogue is poetic, fit but theres some line that just feel too much unrational to said if we are in the real world, btw.  Covered by the excitement of this unusual indonesian movie, because of course they dont expose a physical romantic things, just a description with body language or words. And i think if my story would fit in this movie it could be: Hanya Isyarat. 

#5 Cinta Brontosaurus

SutradaraFajar Nugros
ProduserChand Parwez Servia dan Fiaz Servia
PemeranRaditya Dika
Eriska Reinisa
Soleh Solihun
Pamela Bowie
Tyas Mirasih
Meriam Bellina
Ronny P. Tjandra
StudioStarvision Plus
Tanggal rilis8 Mei 2013

I think Raditya Dika is good, because he can make people laugh, without him laughing. And i think beside the jokes, its romantic movie, just with predictable ending. The naration just somehow exact, that people will come and go, and he may sure that love have expire date, but its okay, and the most important thing is what you feel now. 

I'm a movie freak, but i choose my movie, i usually dont watch horror movie (last movie i watched : orphan, awakening, insidious, the conjuring). My favourite is action movie and any movie that can makes me thinks more, deep, with good plot and set. I usually avoid too much romanticsm because somehow it makes me feel victim, cause its sounds useless (If it too much).  But of course as an open minded person if i read a good recommendation i will watch it too! Have a great day!