Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The World You Live In

The talk at the coffee shop could goes anywhere.  Then we talk about people, about how they can think so different for us, so false by our judgemental mind by how they can affect our lives, tell people about gossip that may could ruin your reputations, your intends. Well, welcome to the real life.  There would be always some people that take you wrong, can't understand you, hating you so much (or jealous) or, i dont know just want to make some mess to your life.  There would be.  But remember maybe at some point its your fault too, to listen to them than listen to your friends that always support you, sincere to see you at your best, to feel happy for your happiness, to pray for your success, support you when you down.  Appreciate your true friend, ignore the narrow-mind-people that just mess-with-your-mind.  People make mistakes, at some point, we make a mistake that make us regret too, dont feel shame to ask forgiveness, or forgive. Create the heaven besides hell, its your choice, its the world you live in.

10.00 am

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Di tempat itu, kita kembali bertemu.  Membicarakan hal hal gila yang tidak akan terlintas bahkan di benak kita sendiri.  Aku mengalami, aku melalui kegelapan itu bersamamu.  Tidak, tidak ada cahaya di ujung sana yang menantiku.  Aku stuck, terjebak, gagal. Tapi tidak apa.  Mungkin kegelapan pada akhirnya akan mengajarimu untuk belajar melihat dalam gelap.  Mungkin bahkan gelap punya arti lebih dari terang.  Mungkin terang hanya persepsi mereka yang telah lama nyaman dalam terang.  


Dia yang membuatku berada di sini, di dalam kegelapan, dan ia mengambil jalan pulangku, rumah yang kuimpikan tinggi di atas awan dengan tiada kegelapan.  Aku hanya jatuh terlalu jauh dari jalan pulang. Dan sepanjang perjalanan, aku membunuh semua terang yang menghadang jalanku.  Aku tidak membutuhkan kemenangan, aku membutuhkan sebuah pembalasan. Pembalasan untuk meneguhkan bahwa aku menang akan terang, dan gelap akhirnya memenangkan terang.  Tapi aku lupa satu hal, bahwa tanpa terang, aku tak tahu jalan pulang.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

On track

*taken by my oppo find mirror

Sometimes i have some urge to do things, one of that is running (*picture).  Sometimes i dont want to think much. I just do what i want to do, things that cross my mind, then try at that moment to realize it before i lost it.  I think its worth, to close your ears about what others says (but no harm) then do what you want to do.  Even its weird but lets be weird together.  (even i dont mind to do it alone too).  I dont want to regret everything i ever do.  This moment is this moment.  Period.

lets do it.

then be clueless.

but i think thats the point, anyway.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Watching some random movie about silly love. Eating mie instead of something under the hood of food.  Writing at this blog instead of doing something more useful.  Life is this, life is that.  I read the book you never read, because i know you dont read, any book at all.  Sleeping and then waking up feeling horrible cause of the vision looking my ex, its a pain.  And then awake, doing anything that can distract me, trying hard to feel positive, do positive, doing anything makes me busy, killing the bad feeling.  It is something i must deal everyday, everyday is a fight, sometimes you lost, sometimes you win. But i still want to see another bright sky, another wind that going through my face and then i close my eyes to enjoy anything life brings to me.  I still want to feel ache on my eyes when i see the sky from my window, the tree, the birds, the sleeping cat.  This is my life, anything could happen.  But i will step forward, leaving all the thing in the past behind.  

Here i am now. 
Nothing else matter.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


"I want to shoot every moment of my life, to remember.   When people say social media are bad, i think they're not bad, my generation want to shoot and capture every moment of our lives.  I think its so old minded of designers who stop communication with the world" -Olivier Rousteing (Balmain fashion house)