Sunday, April 16, 2017

First Time On The First Page

Featured on local news : Unlocked :))

Recently i just getting involved at 1000 Guru Kalbar's community, started from TNT 5 (Travelling and Teaching) and now involved at TNT 7. While my friend at Suara Pemred @balasajr know my activity (maybe from instagram) start message me to know more about 1000 Guru Kalbar.  Ended with discussing about the education's problem.  And finally get featured on the first page :)

Sometimes i cant understand how universe work, because long time ago, maybe two or three years before.  I ever write a 'crazy-list' to involved at an organization and having a position in there.  Just something in my mind.  At that point i have no idea how i can get into an organization at this age and at this 'introvert' character to join stranger and doing a social works.  Well, at least it makes me more excited to doing something my life and have something to do between my routine job.  So blessed! :)

Saturday, April 15, 2017

: Ghost In The Shell

Welcome to the future, where technology was all over the world and have a thin line with morality and humanity. When Government have a vision to do high level effective and efficient cybernatics as a state defense. They start to look an opportunity to develop a machine nearly a weapon, to make a robot that not only can take an order, but also have a logical reason to act and lead a team then can have unlimited power.
The problem started when the government work together with The Hawk, tech company who have an ambition to combine robot and human’s brain and programmed it to do the order with brainwashing and deleted the past memories.
Mayor, who claimed by Hawk’s company as the first asset that succeed to combine the robot’s power with human’s brain. Where’s Scarjo, as Mayor be a great agent to help government fight over the high-level case.
Not so long, Scarjo working on a peculiar case, that make she experience glitch in her reality. Then the memories captured to the strange image she doesnt understand that actually related to her case.
Watching this movie, i feel a little bit flat and a slow plot and narration, and Mayor, that claimed have a flat face like the original movie, make wathing this movie in a daylight makes me a little bit sleepy.
For the rest of it, its very beautiful visual effect with the tones like Doctor Stranger, with so many abstract and futuristic theme, CGI that combined with Shanghai City + The future techonology’s display + Hologram in the future makes the city more density with beauty.
“Its not the reality or the memory defines you, its what you do define you”Mayor.