Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 last post at 23.38

At 23.39 still at home, listening to Prambors after eat big portion of KFC. Still feeling sick of my latest surgery (odontectomy).  Its almost 2 months since i eat the medicine everyday, start to feel like wanna give up (but then doin what).  Plus the eczema that start around two months ago, still cant back to my normal activity, normal eating, or even enjoy my normal sports.  Have no idea what to do with the spare time.

This upcoming year that would come about 10 minutes again i want to make a wish to being healthy and completely cure of my sickness. Make some priority to my self, but most of it just, enjoying this miserable life and, like, being happy.  Fit enough and be able to do what needed to pursue my dream.

Still a long road, being an adult and have some responsibility not just left the problem out.  Be the one who solving your problems because no one else would.

Welcome, 2016!

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