Monday, March 21, 2016

The Divergent Series: Allegiant

As one of action's fans,  divergent series, Allegiant is a must-watch movie this year.  Even the plot as not as amazed as the first series, i think its show a good visual action effect with an amusing idea of government.  A dictator and a reason why people doing the faction, or separation, even it have a good idea to embrace someone's skill to be more focused, there is always harmed if people do it the wrong way.  Maybe we have a different idea about whats good and whats bad, but the tolerance's line is something that we dealed together, about compassion, about forgiving people even they are doing something we judge a false or a stupid act that can't we digest from our own logic.  Sometimes, we just can understand the reason people doing something, but we are free to not doing the same or we are free to have our own choice.  All the filter about how we judge are based by things and situation so about things we can judge wrong, from others, maybe its a right decision.  Who knows?

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