Monday, August 8, 2016

Sunday Journal

T h i n k i n g

Of course there is something missing in my life.  Who didnt? 

When most my friends wanting to getting married, have a beautiful children, build a house.  Then here i am, wanting something else.  I know if i push my self to be in that position, i will get it too.  But, i dont think i really want that now.  I even dont really know what i want, but i know, i will figure it out.  Looking at my friends with all their problem, there will always a problem with any stages of your life, then, why in rush to get out of this one common question at my ages, when will you get married? Soon, when the time is right, like, you will just know when things are right.  But if you ask if im happy? yes, i always try to be happy at any moment and dont judge people for craving different happiness than you.  I hope i will always be in a good circumstances that not let me in a hurry to do anything 'they' want. Not me.

W a t c h i n g

I watching a lot of movie these days and make a list of it :

1. Suicide Squad
2. Burnt
3. How To Be a Single
4. Whiplash
5. Singstreet
6. A Hologram For The King
7.  Finding Dory
8.  Zootopia
9.  Term Life
10.  Wild
11. Our Brand Is Crisis
12. Joy
13.  Victor Frankenstein
14. Exposed
15.  Standoff

And try some of Bollywood Movie:

1.  Sanam Teri Kasam
2.  Baajrangi Bhaijan

Following some of korean drama series :

1.  Doctors
2.  Uncontrollably Fond
3.  W
4.  Lets Fight Ghost
5.  Beautiful Mind  

R e a d i n g

1.  Harry Potter : And The Cursed Child ; J.K Rowling.
2.  What Got You Here Won't Get You There : Marshall Golsmith & Mark Reiter.

C a p t u r i n g

Random shots, maybe my camera goals not gonna happen shortly and my old camera is still broken. So i just try to capture it with my camera phone, and try to enjoy it.

W o r k i n g

Office makes me a little bit busy than before.  All the intense that makes me must collecting data then make the collective report makes me a little bit busy.  Then improving my english with taking a class 2 days a week.  

E x e r c i s i n g

Quiting gym after being a member for one month, now start to arrange some schedule to playing badminton again.

L i s t e n i n g

Random Playlist this week :

1. Ruang Sendiri - Tulus 
2. Sendu Melagu - Barasuara
3.  Menuju Senja - Payung Teduh
4. I Hate U, I Love U - Gnash & Olivia O'Brien
5. Why - Taeyeon
6.  Sledgehammer - Rihanna
7.  Heathens - Twenty One Pilots
8.  Skrillex - Weekends!
9.  Skrillex ft. Fatman Scoop - Squad Out!
10.  How To Love - Cash Cash ft Sofia Reyes.

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