Wednesday, November 16, 2016

November Movie : Drama and Peculiar Love

Do you ever feel like, watching a movie and make your life feels different? Like there is something in a movie, a quiet moment that makes you reflecting yourself with the main character, something strange that you can see the part of yourself somehow captured in the movie.  There is some movie that makes me that way, some movie that makes me see my world kinda different with the other perspective.  Mostly movies like this is not from a blockbuster movie, but from festival's movie that winning some award, movie that adopt the idea : the main character is just an ordinary, common people that somehow jumped in a different situation, feels something different, experience something peculiar.

Recently just watch that kind of movie

- What They Don't Talk About When They Talk About Love

Starring : Karina Salim, Nicholas Saputra, Ayushita, etc.
A beautiful story about people who have special needs, deaf and mute.  Then how they fall in love despite their inability.  Then they add some special universe at the movie that show what if, they have a different path, what if they can switch their inability and being normal, could all love going to right place, with the same person?

I fall in love with the idea of different universe, about how Nicsap look good (fangirl) and how he look very cute using sign language and doctor's costume.  Even this movie feels flat and boring sometimes, but i used to skip some part i cant stand to watch.  Overall, still worth a shot.

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