Sunday, February 12, 2017

Traveling and Teaching 6

SDN. 07 Subah

1000 Guru Kalbar with all the third and fourth grade children

Fourth Grade Children

Ipin, Second Grade

The children

Vindi, First Grade

Budi, Third Grade

Arya, First Grade

Traveling and Teaching 6 1000 Guru Kalbar
SDN. 07 Subah
Dusun Subah, Desa Subah, Kecamatan Tayan Hilir, Kabupaten Sanggau
3, 4 & 5 February 2017

Last week was another exciting journey for me.  After about 2 hours from the city, me and 1000 guru kalbar arrived at Dusun Subah, where we teaching about 21 children.  They only have 3 teacher, but only one teacher that active teaching all the classes.  

When i see their eyes, its so full of hope, smart and excited to learn.  Its ironic for me, because when i just at their ages, i just think how to skipped school and having fun.  But they just dont have a class to skipped when they have so much dreams to be something.  Some of them hope to be a MMA's fighter, teacher, army, police.  

Even i think this school is better from the last school we visited because its not really far from the city (the minus is just the damaged road) compare to the last school that we need 7 hours to reached.  But, what's good in compare two bad things?

They open my eyes that there is more to do in this country, there is more to do.  All the facilities i have, all the opportunity that given to me.  All of them sometimes become so easy that my eyes cant see how lucky i am.  How fast im getting bored and want another thing.  

Sometimes we need to reminded.  How lucky we are, and there is so many things to do in this world.  So many things you can do, start from little things you ignored, little things you take for granted.  I hope their hope will not letting down, i hope even they need to do extra effort to reach their dream they always prepared when the opportunity kicks.

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