Sunday, April 16, 2017

First Time On The First Page

Featured on local news : Unlocked :))

Recently i just getting involved at 1000 Guru Kalbar's community, started from TNT 5 (Travelling and Teaching) and now involved at TNT 7. While my friend at Suara Pemred @balasajr know my activity (maybe from instagram) start message me to know more about 1000 Guru Kalbar.  Ended with discussing about the education's problem.  And finally get featured on the first page :)

Sometimes i cant understand how universe work, because long time ago, maybe two or three years before.  I ever write a 'crazy-list' to involved at an organization and having a position in there.  Just something in my mind.  At that point i have no idea how i can get into an organization at this age and at this 'introvert' character to join stranger and doing a social works.  Well, at least it makes me more excited to doing something my life and have something to do between my routine job.  So blessed! :)

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