Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Labyrinth : The Review

" “If you can't have what you love, love everything you have - French Proverbs."
Alice, is a volunteer who spent her summer at Pyreness, Sabarthes Mountain at archeology things.  Then she start her journey alone to a mysterious place where she found a ring with an ancient pattern she cant understand.  Then she found herself searching by mysterious people. 
Alais, the healer and herbalist that write a journal and be a secret-safer from the civil war.  The journal is written with symbols and diagrams that Alice can't really understand.  The journal of Alais actually keep a secret from the buried, and there are people want it and hunt Alice.    
Then a nightmare haunt Alice, she have a vision being Alais that haunted by something that want her book.  Both of them, in past or in the present is haunted by same nightmare.  About a destiny that would connect them, or even a reincarnation?
I like the twist plot. And give a nice story to read.  To fill the relax time at the night or afternoon.  But maybe i dont really like the oldies setting because its seems not clear for me (i dont have the imagination about it) So i just cant imagine another things. 
I'm not finish it yet now.  Maybe want to pending to next time i feel really bored.

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