Thursday, December 15, 2011

history from the buried

Mandor is one of place at West Kalimantan that have historical moment. A life witness seeing how many fighter must die, thousands leader in all West Kalimantan died on Japanesse company's hand. Because of politics. Its all about power. How people could kill their humanity for something materials.
The shocking news also shocking me, a student college die while demo to the council, Sondang, then farmers killed at Mesuji, because of palm oil company.
I still dont have clear idea for my future. I dont know will i gonna be fighter that may die in pride, or common people? sometimes i feel there is something in this life i must achieve, to be reminded, to be a story. But for that i also have something to suffers.
Can I? May I just want to life peacefully, but I know I must fight for all I want to. At least for myself, for my pride( but not for extreme way) and for people that always supports me.
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