Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Entry

I just feel blank to post here.  Routine activity sometimes make me feel lost in the programmed things.  But i think i would express and write more.  5th semester is closer now.  And just exciting have a hope to graduate next year.  One year to go, yeah. I must have more anthusiast to face this year.  New resolution, and new beginning to start all over the best.

At the holiday, i attend my long-family marriage and have some quality time with cousins and nieces that have not meet for a long time.  And i just realize that at 2011 i just buy uniform clothes, and a few clothes for idul fitri ( i think three) then for this holiday season i buy nothing.  So i just search, mix and match my old clothes (years ago). Hmm i think fashion is never getting old. :)

This wednesday i got pesiar, from around 2 pm until 7 pm.  I hang-out with my bf and dad, eat at Red Bean, and feel very full because i and my bf eat a lot. LOL.  Tomorrow is my daddy's 47 birthday, and he buy me 3 books (why he buy me a gift ? he is the one who celebrate) I feel very happy because i feel blessed to have him and i'm very grateful.  I love my dad very much !!!

3 books to read


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