Thursday, February 9, 2012

2week after

Finally exam for 5th semester is over, start from anthropology and ecology for governments, public service management, statistics, regional potency and analysis, public policy, development planning, city and village development interaction.
Then I have training exam, land reform, English, staff analysis and meeting of development planning.
And the exhausted part is samapta. Samapta is physical exam and the standart is raising all years. For this year, my minimum standart is to run about 1777 metres, or around that, sit up 40times, push up 32 times and channing 38 times. I can pass the standart even cant be the best.

This monday 6th semester would start. And i feel curious about the lecture. I hope at this semester the lecture could bring more energy than a sleepy head in the class. But anything the problem is, i must keep fighting to keep my dream alive. Because this is my path, this is my job and my way for now. I must be more ambisionist and more obsess with it so i can raise my knowledge. I hope i will be more productive and good at this government things.

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