Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Chaos System

In this unperfect lifes, chaos systems, awkward moments and coincidences we stands.  Sometimes we dont have capacity to do action, even our mind make a better solution, or sometimes we speak unspeakable word about what's right or not right.  Sometimes we just grumble, and feeling sad about how bad the situation could go.  We losing our trust to government, then we losing our trust to people.  After that, we losing hope that make us more ignore about what happening around.  Because we know the situation couldn't be better and not right based by our judgement.  Mostly i feel the similar ways about this world behind my eyes that makes me pessimist about where i will go in this chaos system.  When my brain and my mind speaks critically inside, i know i losing my capability to trust the universe.  I know i losing hope when i can't do anything about the wrong policy, wrong people who lead, wrong situation that just felt not right.  Sometimes i feel i can't do anything and my action can't change anything and make any impact to anyone.  

The chaos system, comes from the behaviour of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions.  Small differences in initial conditions yield widely diverging outsomes for such dynamical systems, rendering long term prediction impossible in general, well said from  That definitions comes from mathematics' diciplines study but also can we applied to this amateur philosophy thought.  How we can jump from this static situation, and because of small differences, the determinant could trigger the ripple effect to the biggest scale.  What we predict now, this second, this moment, what we thought about something now, could be so different after this second passed, things changed, little cells of our micro body moved.  Then we comes to the conclusion: nothing going constant in this chaos, noone survive forever, then if the conclusion is everything have the same possiblty to change, little things can make things going differently, that means we also have our time to grow, to move, to feel the new things, to see this world with another perspective, to not being constantly boring or constantly wrong or constantly not right, because nothing constant, isn't it?

Then we still have a chance to do our best to wait for opportunity, to wait the 'not constant' chaos to disturbed because of unknow and unidentify things then make another chaos.  Our chaos.

I will do my best while i'm waiting, don't you?

“A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” 
― Maya Angelou

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