Wednesday, November 7, 2012


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So I just watched another James Bond movie, Skyfall.  Feature Daniel Craig as James Bond, the 007 secret agent.  The enemy, is Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva or Tiago Rodriguez that have a revenge to M, James Bond’s boss.  Quite interesting and palpitating because the action scene from train and high tower.  That makes the action seems really impossible to do (even I want to survive on that scene, lol).  Even from my common observe and taste, I think the James Bond Girl are not satisfied because as long as I can remember the girls is always hotter and younger than this edition.  

Then after I give this shallow comment after I watched skyfall and grumbling about how I cant find this Adele’s soundtrack song at 4shared, maybe I can continue my study for mid, then I must have preparation to this comprehensive test about 3 weeks again and prepare my manuscript.  This month will be busy too with my campus’ 5th  anniversary event that I will organized with my friends.  I think this would be my last contribution to this campus, after manuscript to do.  So, wish me luck ! :)

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