Thursday, February 7, 2013

Human Autopilot

My dad ever tell me to do this method, to meditate your thoughts, to let you out of yourself.  To make the energy outside you taking control of you.  To feel the wave of unknown energy in the air, to let go.

Recently i just easily getting stress about the pressure of my college and others. I feel depressed, anxious, hopeless and this 'suiciding' thought ever cross my mind.  Maybe i'm only human. Full of flaw and weakness. Closely to give up because i think i cant get any solution and my mind, my feeling just ruined.

Then i think and think again until i bored, until i bored to being this jerk that afraid to life. Do i afraid to life?
Sometimes i think life is just a waste, love is a waste, and fate is kinda dark joke thats not funny at all.

I try and try to find another way, to let this soul in peace. Then i just remember what my dad ever told me.
To be autopilot on yourself.  He said that each of us have this unknown soul that always keep us save, maybe close to guardian's term.  

When you feel really tired and you think you cant take that anymore, just let your 'guardian' taking control of you.  Close your eyes, breath slowly, focus to 'dzikir' then let your body moves wherever you feel, you can control and you know where you'r gonna move, but you let your guardian taking control of you.  I really believe this method, i believe there is so many things that i still dont know in this world and one of them is there is some potential energy of us we still not have access to use. This unseen energy, unseen power that hiding on us.  Because ourself is magic. Our body is move with magical power that we still can't fully understand.

I believe this is another alternative to meditate, to let your brain at this 'relax' zone then makes your brain in its optimal work. I dont know for you, but for me, its really help me being more positive and relax.

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