Saturday, February 2, 2013


As the shadow sneak out from the light day.  The windsmill rotate while winds whistle about something secret and the dark side of earth comouflage all the fake lies.  Where i am? Stand on earth i dont recognize anymore.  Here all the time then be a stranger to all the people i know, be a stranger to my self.

Just losing all the logic, all the rational eyeglass i ever use to see the world. A broken glass, a vertigo feels to lose all. My balance, my feeling, my rationality.  Then emptiness just waiting to caught me in the middle of the night, when i'm alone, have no one to stand.  Have no one who really understand.

The blank gap between conscious and unconscious. Then all i do just waiting there, waiting day by day come without bring anything i expect, then be saturated.  Do ardor without knowing anything else. Losing control.  Losing my faith.

Then if i only i have one wish. I wish i just can going through this. Alive and Better.

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