Tuesday, July 30, 2013


When you experience it once, you may call it mistake, but if you experience it twice then let yourself drag into a deep hole, maybe its time to think you are addicted to falling.  Or it just the idea of a person is same with what you ever had. You want it, not because you fall for this guy maybe because you want your past back.

I dont think we are on the same page, i have a feeling that you just want to play around, then i know i being played but i just enjoy it because i know maybe i have a chance to get similar experience from my past. Life is funny, humorous, yet tragic.

So many silly things i ever did, but the worse is when i feel too adhere to something, or someone. Because the after effect is i can't let it go and i just keep pushing even i know my time and my moment is done.

I hope i can forgive my self for making that mistakes and know when to stop my self.

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