Thursday, August 1, 2013

Goodbye July

If i seen through this month a year before, i could surprise to make it through like now. Where i am now, improved than myself one year before on this July. I'm glad finally i could learn much to unlove. I learn a lot to finally think about myself. I learn to be egoist.  I learn to make myself as a prior than anyone. Because people come and go, but my self will always stay.

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So finally i can say goodbye July,goodbye my hardest time i ever been through. Thank you for so much lesson.  Thank you for fill my last four years. Happy or Sad. Passionate or Desperate. The whole package that could be my pebble stone to step higher.  I will stop feel pathetic, i will stop playing victim, i will stop feel sorry and i will stop make any harm for my self. Life will go on and i hope will be better.

never forget to enjoy and having fun!

Welcome August!

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