Monday, March 17, 2014

Keeping Track

Recently just being busy with my things, working at gov's company as a non-permanent employee.  Things just get routine day by day, waiting the weekend.  Time is moving so fast, then i start to lose my track. Day by day i spent all the night with same people, same situation, nothing muse me beside 2 weeks ago i climb a niut mountain and we failed.  I dont know when i walk the track, i just keep thinking all the things that happen in my life.  I just lost it, i still on the stage of searching, try hard to make some meaning, the feeling of losing something, something that still uncompleted.  By that i have a strong needed to not want to lose at the forest, or die because of falling over the edge, besides the destiny i should have.  That is my motivation, i have something that i don't have in this life, and this life i live still pointless.  I cant agree more if you tell me to being gratitude, i am thankful for what i have now but still.  As a human i think its natural to want more than i have, to make yourself keep moving forward.  I dont know, this post is pointless but also have a clear point than ever.  To knowing whats is pointless looks like, so tomorrow, we understand what we will not do.

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