Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The World You Live In

The talk at the coffee shop could goes anywhere.  Then we talk about people, about how they can think so different for us, so false by our judgemental mind by how they can affect our lives, tell people about gossip that may could ruin your reputations, your intends. Well, welcome to the real life.  There would be always some people that take you wrong, can't understand you, hating you so much (or jealous) or, i dont know just want to make some mess to your life.  There would be.  But remember maybe at some point its your fault too, to listen to them than listen to your friends that always support you, sincere to see you at your best, to feel happy for your happiness, to pray for your success, support you when you down.  Appreciate your true friend, ignore the narrow-mind-people that just mess-with-your-mind.  People make mistakes, at some point, we make a mistake that make us regret too, dont feel shame to ask forgiveness, or forgive. Create the heaven besides hell, its your choice, its the world you live in.

10.00 am

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