Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Please call it magic.

I know that people live in their boring life, waiting for some magic about to happen.  Sadly, there is no magic.  Life is not a fairytale.  And magic is just about the wrong things that people want with wrong way.  Even its also not flat, excited, makes yourself burn.  It makes yourself taste a different kind of things. Something new always excite you, makes yourself free to do things differently, but what else?

People always love a challenge.  Only when they think they have a same opportunity to win it.  Life is a long long competition.  You can choose your battle.  But sometimes you just dont.

You start realize that its not your battle but things just happened.  Accidentally, with a will from both of people.  And then its just, happened.  For no reason, for no purpose.  A cycle that i know someday it will ended.  

What is more exciting than own something that you know its not your own?  And then you realize that all of things in life its not your own.  You just borrowed from someone else.  You cant really choose what life gives to you.  But you can choose to do your best from whatever life gives to you.

Who will understand what happened tomorrow?  Is magic about to happen? For real? How long i will believe it?

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