Saturday, January 31, 2015

My Favourite Kind Of Love

*our holding hands, at chalicious cafe

You make me see the sun when i once saw cloud. You believe in me so much that i start to believe in myself again. You makes me finally, feel something again.  Thankyou.  For all the circumstances life make us meet at the very wrong place, i'm so glad that its you.  Now i'm at some point that i dont care about anything.  I just want to feel happy.  And with you, i definite my happiness.

I almost not believe in love again after through many things in my life.  I think i just can love one person deeply in my life and stuck till the end.  But with you, i learn so much lesson about loving and caring about someone, without any attachment, any desire to own, or even carry away my own ego.  Its just a pure, simple love.  A need just to calm and make other person feel comfort, feel free to be himself/herself.  Put so much love, but also make a space to another things.  Feel and embrace love when at the same time being ignorant about anything else.

I dont want to predict the future, because its just seems so far away.  And its feel almost impossible for me to keeping you till the last.  I know it, and i dont want to expect too much.   I know i cant promise you a word, i hope you, either.  I just want to show how much i loving you right now, at this point, more than everyone before you.  

Maybe love just being a little hard for me lately, and its hard for me to accept the reality that for now, i feel in love again.  Its just feel like... a dream.  Maybe its how love suppossed to be.  To be a dream, to make you appreciate it more when you ever lost all of what you have before.  Its good to feel it again after you lost everything you have.  Even now, you'r already prepared yourself, to be lost, and to be found again.  

Nothing lasts forever, they said.  But, how long is forever? who cares about forever? As long as you feel it now, go for it.  Reach it, call it, say it.  Before you lost it, before you miss the opportunity for God only knows. 

Hello, i just want to hold your hand, and forget anything behind, anything in front.  I just want us.  For now.  Maybe for later.  Who knows?

For My Ferre, since 11 December 2014.

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