Sunday, March 1, 2015

The art of heartbreak.

Talking about a heartbreak maybe i can't write this if i still working on it.  But now, i just crawl from the shelter and keep searching and finding another happiness.  I know soon i will suffer from another heartbreak because now i'm on an impossible kind of relationship. (cant i a little bit more dramatic?)
But my new relationship is kinda loose my nerve about my hard-to-forget past.  He makes me forget quickly, and settle down with this earth again.  He taught me to be more of my self, to be more sincere to let all things go, because all of them will going somewhere.  I'm cursed, and blessed at the same time.  Maybe its all in my mind, maybe its the way it is.  Maybe i just want to be happy and forget about everything and have more courage to living this life.  And somehow, i know i will figure something out, and everything will be okay. It will be. :)

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