Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April Book List

Haruki Murakami : After The Quake 
Haruki Murakammi : Birthday Stories 
Haruki Murakami : The Complete Trilogy
Desi Anwar : A Simple Life
Jane Hawking : Travelling To Infinity 
Charles Duhigg : The Power Of Habit

Recently get some money to buy some books, mostly i feel kinda flat and confused with my space time.  And somehow, i buy 4 english book, from Haruki Murakami and Desi Anwar, i still strugling to read it, but i dont know why i like it.  I just prefer a word in english if it turns to fiction.  I like how it feels to read something and feel strange of it.  (Second, i think i'm quite ambitious to make my self read it and really get what inside the book, lol). I hope i finish all of this! (this what ambitions sounds like!) :)

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