Saturday, April 25, 2015

There's A Light Thats Never Goes Out

In some morning i wake up and just feel a hunger or need to love you.  For a cheap talks, stolen time to be with you just in one blink eyes.  And its going everyday.  

Some quotes said Relationship ended in breakup or marriage, i dont know which one scares me more.  At my 24th, all thing look like a mess beside a job. Maybe i can tell what i do now its what saves me from falling down from all the problems that hit me.  its better to being like this, than being like that.

But sometimes i wake up in the morning and feel like everything is okay. Its all the process, its all the road that i must've taken, even the hardest way.  Because if its easy, everyone will take it.

A few of my friend that said i just like to feel adventureous in some aspect on my life even its put me on danger but its just like another challenge for me.  In my life, sometimes boredom kills some logics and daily routine kills some sanity.

I always hunger from something amazing, exciting, beautiful, lovable, dont we need it all? Even we must look it from an unique perspective that not so many people would understand, but because its my journey, not them, isnt it?

A story about Vincent Van Gogh that i got on instagram then hist me, He was told that he eat a yellow paint to feel happiness and he just like paintings that much, but what hits me is the explanation, that said sometimes, when problem hit us that our life seems really miserable, doing the crazy things out of logic sometimes is the logic things to do, its okay to do that when your head feels like cant handle anything that the most unlogic things you do is being the right thing to do.  I just need to being told that its okay.  Even in some place at my heart i know its okay.

For now i just enjoy the ride, enjoy what life give me today.  To be fully understand about things i can't control, about things that happen in my life.  To be the best at the circumstances, to be the best of what my mind and my heart can do, stop listening to the noise.  And just, live.

Its like doing the best at the situations, even the situation is not the best situation.  I try to accept this imperfect life and whatever happens, its my story to going through, not other, so its okay for them to not understand.

You are, what your mind tell you who you are.  So i stop listening to the outside and try to hear a voice from inside, to look from my self about what happen, so maybe at the end, i will solve what i must deal with my self, and sometimes when its dont have any possible solution, its okay to live with the problem and just go with it.  

Reality, is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. - Albert Einsten.

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