Thursday, June 16, 2016

2nd week of June

currentlythink : This ramadhan is kinda memorable for me, just hang out and chill, nothing to targeted yet.  Watching movie, do some work, more serial to watch, still dont have any book to finish, thinking about doing something that have matters, but still cant get out of comfort zone, set up some goals and failed.  Not finished yet, not grinding yet, wake up and routine, need more hobby and things to do.  Need more social interaction with my lack of interest being misunderstood, but i know i can survive here and get something i need.

currentlywatch :

XXI's Movie
1. Now You See Me 2
2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Out Of Shadow
3. The Conjuring 2 
Now you see me 2 is really entertaining, amusing and just inspire your brain to functionally works lol. While TMNT just good and cool, The Conjuring is one of my hate-love relationship with thrilling horror that makes me want to close my eyes and ears all the time. Just. Dont. Like. Good. Horror.

1. Legends Of Tomorrow Season 1
2. The Catch Season 1
3. Supernatural Season 11
Legends of Tomorrow makes me like it after few episodes and now kinda makes me attempt to watch another serial, while supernatural is just good and fun to watch but just it, while The Catch is surprisingly good after bad 1st episode and makes me crazy about it after the 9th episodes, hopes Shonda give me something close like my fav serial all the time, lie to me, the mentalist, scandal (the beginning season), revenge, sherlock holmes, bones, game of thrones, collar crime, perception, that makes me waiting the next season (now i cant wait to watch the 2nd season of the catch too) and makes me always want to watch it till the episode's end without makes me being boring in the middle of it.

currentlyhangout : Shabu Tan(Chinese Restaurant)- to breakfasting, kinda cost but have a good design and comfortable sofa(not the one at the picture), not really like the shabu-shabu like how i loved at Sari Bento, but have so many option at the menu.  And can find my fav drink here, sourplum iced.

*Shabu with Mix Soup -Medium Pack for two people

Keeping Me Alive - Bob Moses (One of The Catch- Soundtrack at 6th Episode).

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