Friday, June 17, 2016

The People

So my office just organize a social event that give a coupon to poor people by the RT/Neighboorhood Association that will allow you to buy rice, egg, milk, palm oil for 60k while its real price is around 100k.  While organize this the committee also prepared by police to secure the event.  Right on point there is so many people come and claim as 'poor' people and asking for more coupons, with all of their explanation.  Mostly because they watch a person that bring about 5 coupons alone and think she is collution to robbed their rights to buy cheaper things.  Today i learn so much more about people, that they can do anything, and bring out the ugly thing, jealousy, greedy, complaining something that maybe they dont need to, mistrust, act poor but show up as rich, lying and have no asshame to take other people's right.  This event kinda bring out the worst on people.  The angry mass/mob that acting out because they know they have many people behind them, and the logical fallacy.  I know that sometimes, the worst going out in me too. Sometimes i know when it goes out, sometimes i dont.  Whatever it is, i hope all of us could have strength and encourage to admit our fallacy, our fault and have a bigger heart to correct ourself, and have more concern to put ourself better than before.

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