Thursday, October 27, 2016

Doctor Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch is the condition where i will go watch any movie he played in.  One of it is Doctor Strange, from Marvel.  Feel so pleased to watch the visual of the new universe Marvell in, with the Marvel's signature joke like they did in Iron Man and Deadpool.  Its super excited, fun to watch, more of it, the ambience makes me feel the fantasy, psychedelic, like deep-side of Coldplay- Up&Up video music turn into some cool action movie with sarcastic and bad-ass but also noble, Doctor Stephen Strange.

In addition, i love the detail about the presisition of explanation how Doctor Strange get his power: by reading so much book and put aside his ego.  Like, the plot is so detail while showed to people how he spend most of the time training himself from having no skill then get some dicipline to reading book.  The scene will makes people wanna read much book (especially in sanskrit). :))  Cant wait to hear that Doctor Strange will join the Avenger and make he meets Iron Man and Deadpool (I wish Marvel not changing their actor) be like, so much expectation! :)

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***** 5/5
Very Recommended.

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