Monday, October 17, 2016


Sometimes i watch movie to killing time, searching some inspiration when i get stucked or bored. Not really have taste or hard analysis about what i will watch; just contain some keywords that makes me interested : action, (look like) an epic drama, agent fbi/cia, doing some martial arts, a cocky main actor/actress, involved some science and smart comedy. Too much? Lol. Or just some random movie at the weekend. So, here is the movie i choose to watch this weekend;

1. The Accountant

Watching this on Sunday, really attempted to the trailer cause its describe about a boy who have an autism and turn into a perfectionist killer that have a daily job as an accountant. As a genious kid who have a high IQ before; his father, that have military background, train him into someone that can focus to his ability beside of his disorder. Then accidentally getting involved at a mafia’s bussiness that corrupting their client.

The plot is from the past and back to present, tells about the Wolf and his brother’s childhood and the reason why Ben Affleck, or Wolf change into some smart and powerful killer. At the present the story show how Wolf, changed from an introvert person change when he met a girl (Anna Kendrick) and make him start to think about the other things beside his isolated life. Even the romance things not the main side of the movie, i think its enough to add some fresh line to the movie.

2. Snowden 

Snowden is one of the movie that not contain 'an action things' but can bring the intense so i’m not really feel bored while watching it. Even the details are quite complicated, about the digital’s connection, how American’s government have an access to our private things, even our unactive camera that around us, it gives a horror idea and shows a scary description about how far government can control the civilians, or another country to getting what they wants.  Add some interesting point to this movie because its based from real event, and you can google all the information.

The plot is from the future: after Snowden leaked to public about what the truth is, and try to get help from the media, and from the past; when Snowden start to entrance the military academy, have an accident, have a big interest to doing something for his country until getting involved to i.t team to help and make a good impact to his country. At the end, i think the movie is success give the patriotic view and show about how danger if government can’t give a transparancy system that its possible to make some people have more power, then make it out of control or trespassing the value and the law.

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