Tuesday, May 3, 2011

me and books

Since I was kid, I’m so in love with books ! When I still at elementary school and I have a bicycle, I save all my money to buy a crayon shinchan comic with Rp.10.000. So expensive when I’m at that age and its so hard to get that money. But I commited to buy it everytime the shop sells the new edition. And I, who still kids and so afraid to riding bicycle to Garuda Mitra that was far away from my house and must across the busy street.  But I go. And I love that books !
I think, my big passion for book start when I still 3 years old or more young from that age, when every night my father tell me a story before I go to bed.  The story of course have a moral story, but he make his own story so you can’t find it anywhere else. And every night, when I close my eyes to sleep, I start to have an imagination about the story and think about the next story. Then, my father always show me how books could help, he like books too. And he influenced me to love books too.
And I buy a novel last Sunday, pillow talk and writer vs editor, and rent to library two good books that related to my class. But, I still not finished it, sometimes I feel sleepy and lazy. Hmm. When I read book, I feel that I more productive and I can use my brain to think, not only let the brain not useful. LOL. And I when I feel so bored books can motivate me to do more. To achieve… more…

 Two books i rent from library. 
First book,i plan to finish it for 2 days for "Hukum Tata Negara : Hubungan Antar Lembaga Negara" from Rahimullah, SH. M.Si, with 227 pages. I think i need to read that for my "Hukum Tata Pemerintahan" class, and i have a new project, to resume what i read, and i hope at the next post i will give you my resume so i can study and  improve my skills to writing resume in English.:)
 Second Book is "Implementasi Otonomi Daerah dalam Perspektif Good Governance". And soon after read the book one i will give you my resume for this book.  This is my project to motivate me keeping reading and exploring my writing's skill.


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