Sunday, May 8, 2011

What Am I Do Now ?

I give myself a challenge to work as a team as a leader to write 25 pages of papers for a paper's competition with not enough time, not enough coordination, but i just challange myself to be dare. The main purpose is to explore my writing, and coincidentally i have an idea to develop the issue about cyberversity, the first virtual's university at Kalimantan Barat.  Search the data and just let myself write. I hope i can finish this before the deadline, it is Tuesday, but it must fix this sunday and get clarification at monday and i hope we are not get any big problems and could fix all the problems. And it would be one of my pride to show people i can do it, and i dedicate this to some people that always want to makes me feel bad and i hope they will regret it because i have a capable to do this things too, and i believe i can !. 

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