Tuesday, May 31, 2011

*my dormitory room's view while i doing my assignment*
Life is not easy. You must know it from the first time you born as a baby, crying. It will gives you pain. It will gives you problems. You can choose. To die with all your problems, your hatred, your pain or your pride. Showing the world you will fight till the end of your story. Give a faith for people behind you, who always love you, trust you, think to makes you happier, for God, for your parents, for your boyfriend, friends and especially for yourself. I will live as i know it. To elaborate with world, join the competition, with my way. Maybe at the way i will falling down, many people will have a pleasure to show others people down. But keep faith in your heart. You will always do your best. I will always do best. I will make you proud, dad and mom ;')
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