Monday, August 15, 2011

4 days left

After more than two weeks arrived at Balai Regency, Batang Tarang i got the internet connection at a little cafe there's have fasilitate the hotspot.  Alone and curious, i am bored then i take a moment for my self only not with my team.  I am really, really bored, when i'm at office i feel so sleepy, otak ketutup dan penat rasanya.  Entahlah, mungkin hanya efek dari mengantuk ditambah puasa hasilnya jadi tidak bersemangat.  Actually there is many things and many plans i want to do.  Enjoying the viewing, the river behind our 'home' that is very fresh and so natural, even sometimes scares me when i'm there for the first time, but i can't feel totally comfortable, i think it is because i'm not here permanent and my time is limited, so i can't explore more.  Then, i have a lack of skills to work in group.  That we are, six.  And sometimes i lose my mood to do something.  Called me moody-an but sometimes it is relieved to be honest expressing my self no matter people says.
My life has full of some pressure, an awkward moment, the passed time.  But now i'm on the show, i can't stop, moving anywhere i want, i dont even knowing where i am.  I am just keep living.  Keep breathing.  Enjoying life. Living with the sunset and more viewing. Relax and refresh myself to keep moving on the road if lifes. :)

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