Saturday, February 18, 2012

joke ?

This picture is a twitter's trending topic on Saturday, February 18th 2012 and makes me laugh.  It is a sarcasm, i think to making a joke for our president.  A quite disrespect to our leader.  But his performance its not quite as well.  From the critical journalist, news and debate on tv they describe him as a leader who mostly care about his image.  For politics, its good to make some good image.  But now, after he elected to a president, he cant be a total politican. He must realize now he must make a choice for his people, not his party.  The major point people elect him i think because he is ex-military so people have a faith he can be more clear to his vision.  And with his political brand , "Say No to Corruption" is not really happening.  Start from case and case that may point to him and his party.  Especially the happening case now, with his party, demokrat or democracy that involve Nazaruddin and Angelina Sondakh that guessed just tell lie and lie to the court as a suspect of corruption.  The 'big' corruption because invoked a lot of money that may impossible to work alone, impossible to enjoy it alone, and not related to them and their party's connection.  Maybe KPK still can't make them stay at jail.  But people start to lose their trust, when our president give a speech at local television, then announce not about the critical issues to our country, but announce about how good he are.  Without any clear action to prove.
Maybe it is just my absurd opinion after i start my duty to nightwatch at my dormitory.  But for me, he still not my best role model if there is someone asking me about my favourite leader.
and, i just wonder, isn't this picture rude or may people who make it (or published it) would have any trouble ?


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