Saturday, February 18, 2012

Movie Time

One of a heartbreaking movie i watch.  A love story about Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew.  They are friends, start meet when they'r at school, then always meeting at 15th July for twenty years.  Emma Morley, is not-too-attractive girl, smart but not to success after her graduation and start a simple life with working.  Then Dexter, whose a reckless, flirtilicious and attractive man enjoy his life as a tv presenter.  They are always keep in touch, talk and spend a day like a good friend, sharing about their dreams and problems.  I think this is romantic when Emma, realize that she had a crush on Dexter and every second at her life is enlighten by Dexter.  But she know, that Dexter is not really into her, so she try to be a best friend for Dexter.  After twenty years passed, she still can't move on and totally can't erase Dexter on her mind.
Finally, after a dissapointed realtionship, a failed marriage of Dexter and Sylvia.  They finally found their way.
Then they are married, and try to have a baby and still fail.  And at an afternoon Dexter and Emma make an appointment to a coffee shop and on the way Emam got an accident and dies.  Dexter's life be more sad and depressed after her dies.  Then he haunt by Emma's presence since twenty years ago in his life.  An advice from his dad is just keep living, pretend that Emma still life around him, just like his father pretend that his wife, who died because of cancer ten years ago and keep living, then Dexter start to cry.  And the movie just show the moment Dexter can remember with Emma, a nice afternoon at the beautiful backyard.

[last lines]
Dexter: Look, I've gotta go.
Emma: I know.
Dexter: But we will see each other again.
Emma: I know we will.
[smiling she turns to walk away]
Emma: Goodbye, Dex.
Dexter: Goodbye.
Emma: Goodbye.
[he watches her as she walks away and then turns to walk the opposite way]
This is the heart-breaking movie.  Sad, because of Emma just lit up with Dexter and still can't move on from her feeling for twenty years, really need a good luck to finally have a way to come back, and find that Dexter feel the same way.  Touched.  And Sad.  The moral of the story is, never let people you love go.  Because, you just dont know how far fate will bring you go.  A mysterious way of being separated.  You will never know.  Being grateful for what you have now.  Not ignoring each other, and life best for all the moment you have...


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