Thursday, August 2, 2012


@Rindu Alam, Singkawang City
 @Sambas River
 @pasir panjang, Singkawang

Through the busy world, unstoppable time, exhausted feeling and mysterious fate.  We all here, live.  So every single time is worth to enjoy, to feel deeper.  Escape is the mysterious heal to recover our depression of the routine.  Escape give us some adrenalin to feel. Escape give us new things, new places, new peoples to understand, especially new point of view to find ourselves again.  Sometimes i feel its so important to know ourself, how we react about something, how our mind bring us to a state of mind, how our feeling go down, how we enjoy the pain, sometimes.  Sometimes i look like a psychotic, i think. Because what i do that make my 'logical-side' injured, fool things i do, bad things, shit happen sometimes make me down and i can't take it like normal people when i'm fragile.  But time, new people, new thing, escape to somewhere, being around people who feel happy just make me feel motivated again.  Looking down, or looking up to new place also gives me inspiration to live.  Hope in the future i could do this more, far far away from home to be back again. Enjoy your weekend, friends :)

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