Sunday, January 27, 2013

Butterflies in stomach

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The whirl of the wind whispering my skin then a flash on my imagination just hit me.  Wondering if only i can get what i imagine so easy.  What if... Then later i just wondering, then lay in my bed beside the little fan and the little ray of sunshine.  Then your call wakes me up, makes me so anxious, nervous, then i feel this.  Something in my stomach.  Butterflies.

I already know you long long time ago before i cant remember so many things.  But i knew you.  I knew your existence around me.  I see you in my sphere.  Whiff you around without knowing you.  Simple, because i have no interest at all.

I dont know is this an illution or just another manipulation from my mind because i already had someone who ever make me feel this way.  But it is different.  And with you, everything is have no sense and i cant sense at all.

I still remember every single detail in that night. The night when we met, when you sit in front of me then i just looking at you differently.  And knowing how much this feeling grow when your eyes keep looking straight to my eyes.  Then i felt it again.  The butterflies.  

I dont care about whats next.  I dont care the fact we are never really know each other.  And tomorrow we make our first met.  Then i just fall in your side.

Its all i know about me.  Then i dont have clear idea about you.  But, i know i dont care.  Like a song on Maroon 5 song, if i never see your face again, i dont mind.  Even it may better if i see your face again.  Again and again...

I dont have a reason to make you stay, neither do you.  I dont exactly say that i want you to stay forever, neither do you.  I even not really know whats on your mind.  Maybe i dont care because all the fact i know you are here, with me.  

Even in your silly joke about me that makes me wonder do you see me like i see you.  Do you feel the same way like i feel?  

I dont know where the future brings me.  I try not to expect much, more than life can give me.  I just want to enjoy my time, be true to my self.  Speak clearly even without knowing what i really want, neither what i really need. 

But be with you, even with your illution existences.  I really glad...

And to be honest, you completely fix me from my old wounds.  You makes me stop thinking about him.  You makes me stop want him.  Because now i want you.  Even now i must prepare my self from keep falling from yours.  But its okay.  You makes another beautiful day for me.

Thank you. For this moment.  I can't asking more.


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