Tuesday, August 13, 2013

happy eid ul-fitr !

There was a time when many things seems clearer than this video of my self, doing so many things i could remember.  Many things is past that just popped up and happened before i realize anything.  The past is the past.  We can't change that.  There was a time when i realize i keep picturing or memorizing in my mind but sometimes i just lose it.  It happened in past and sometimes we just remember the feeling of being there.

There is so many things in my life that happen out of my control, some of my delusive mind could tell me to.  But what i know for certain is something just left, someone would left. What meant to be can be sure what happen to be. We cant control our destiny, how hard we struggling or how hard we try, we can't control our past, or our future.  We can't be sure about anything else going on in this life. We can't expect anything because you will end up losing your own game.  Just satisfy yourself at this moment.  Do what you want and blend it with something you need to do. Do it for your own happiness because you will never know, you just never know. But at least, have some faith for yourself, your destiny, and people around you. 

Anyway, i made this blog as long as i cant remember how it feel for the first time, just to write something and feel like there would be someone else reading it, like you have a friend and you just talk over and over again, even sometimes they didn't listen what you really meant, but its never matter, because its just when you talk or spill out your words, it just calming down and make you see something clearer, or more ruined it?. But at least you know finally what you will got or what may you imply. Maybe.

Yesterday i just go to Singkawang and Sambas to visit the daughter of my deceased grandma and theirs family. Then i visit my friend, Melya. 

at Alianjang's street, Singkawang with my friend, Melya

at Keraton Sambas, beside my family's house with my cousin Zeeva

Meet again with your families and friends for me is just quite touching because sometimes i just feel like i just enjoy to be alone with my self, but sometimes family and friend just enlighten your day. So at this moment, eid fitr, we will visit their home have a nice talk and show them that we are care. That they are meant something to us. They are the part of our lives and we'r very thankful they come to our lifes.

At Danau Sebedang, Sambas

Happy eid ul-fitr everyone! Minal aidin wal faidzin :)

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