Thursday, August 29, 2013

in your eyes, i'll stay.

Theres a shadow, in your window when the wind whispering how your smells when he arounds. Morning would come not so far but the awake eyes can't fake anything but missing you like i always had. 
The touch of your images just resound again and again, calling the past, make my self traped forever.
A second chance i'm willing to have just to make my self sure that i never make a mistake, but i was always wrong because you even not care to belief that i'm exist.
Love would always be a second priority between everything else. But it would always stay, in the lonely night you spend around trying to figure our how your life gonna be if we are still in the same line, talking to each other and sharing the night.
They tell that it would be impossible and it's true. But i always love challenge, and theres just no one can fit with mine. 
In your lonely eyes, i shoud stay, forever. Even i know i will never get out. i will never see freedom because once i see you, i will never be the same. 
someday will never come, and the end from here is near but i wont ever afraid. because you will always there, stay and trap in my eyes, as the one who i always loved. 
future is somewhere nowhere. but i will always here, as a girl who will stay with you and sing a lullaby when you comes around. forever, i promise.

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