Friday, September 13, 2013

Phase By Phase

with my notulen and friend
 during the trial

Yesterday i was going through one of an important moment from my academic phase, the trial of my script.  As a pessimist, of course i prepared my self to kind of manslaughter, means that i know i have so many mistake that i even dont know what it is. We will never complete all of the standard of every human being, but sometimes we can negotiate, and at trial, its not about the negotiation (like getting a signature of accordance). Anything can happen in trial, any deficiency could be your gate of humiliation and etc. But its okay, its worth enough. Because it will be your way to open another phase of your life. Life would be up and down. Its okay to going through all of that, at least the day still running, after your happiness there comes sadness, after your sadness maybe there would be a contentment. Then a beautiful lyrics from Coldplay just got into my head, If you never try, you never know...

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