Friday, November 22, 2013

3 days for a lifetime

This week is so unforgettable for me, a yudicium at my campus, yudicium for my faculty and then graduation.  Its like happiness to celebrate the joy that finally i can finish my study, but also tearful to realize that most of my friends would be gone, because they must going back to their town and work there for a long time.  

My friends at the dormitory and campus, called andalan89 is the second family for me.  Because i think they're the closest friends i ever had.  I think in a life out here i'm not easy to make friends before, to open up my feelings, building a wall so no one can let in.  But at the dorm, there is so many time we spent, so i let all that happen, to make them see how fragile i was, how crazy, how sad, or how happy i am.  I let them see who i really am.  Angry, jealous, sad, happy, fall in love then a broken heart, all the complete feeling that i share, that i tell honestly, without any 'blow-up' or 'cut-out'.  The moment that makes me feels like home, feels like something familiar and acceptable, like a family. That can accept me for everything i ever done and for every mistakes i ever made.  I think 4 years is so unforgettable and amazing.

Thank you for such an amazing years.

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