Monday, September 15, 2014

My Midnight Coffee

Some people dont understand why i need a coffee in the middle of the night.  Dont you want to go to sleep, he said.  No, i reject politely.  You cant questioned about what i want, you cant tell me what to do, you dont ask me what i dont want to do.

My midnight coffee is my ritual.  To call your presence, to remind me about the good things.  One last shot, i said.  There always be my one last shot.  To calling you back.  When i'm lonely or clueless about this life, when i need somewhere to escape.  A chance to keep close with your memories.  An opportunity to embrace all i have with you, all the thought, all the vision.

They tell me i can't move on with my life and stop looking for someone else.  They are wrong, i just feeding your soul in my memories so you wont fade away, i am move on with my life, but i carry you inside of me.  Cause we are temporary, but that love you bring to my life is permanent and forever. Time never beat ours.  I promise you.

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