Monday, February 2, 2015

My Kind Of Sunday

*my desk and my essentials in the middle of the night
Watching : 

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna : Thats a movie that recently my bf watch and he looks amazed by how the story goes, so i watch it again.  (already watched it long time ago, almost forget it).  That story is somehow related to our very complicated situation, and he said he will make it, we will make it.  I dont know, don't want to have any expectation, we'll see then, see ya later. lol.

Ishkq In Paris : After watch that movie i 'll go stream another movie and this story look cute, have a nice setting in paris and a woman character on this movie that at first look like doesnt want a commitment...not yet... *very me. but i know at the end she will married the man's at this movie.  Yeaa, finally people will make it, solve the problems and have someone to marry.  I hope i will to, but someday, in a future i dont want to think and plan and wonder about. :D

Listening :

Full Album "We Sing, We Dance, We Steal" - Jason Mraz.
Just an old album, makes me feel i'm on a late night when i still in high school.

Reading :

Re-read : Twivortiare by Ika Natassa
Damn i should buy a new book like this.
Re-read : Cosmopolitan Magazine
I should buy a new printed magazine, just read a pdf magazine and its just feel not like reading magazine. *when you cant lie down hardly enough to back the paper.
And then, i think i should read some serious stuff, since graduated i think my mind needs some books that my brain hard to digest, so i can get bored and sleep hard at the night.  *kidding lol.

Writing :

My notebook, shit on this blog.  Damn still not writing serious stuff on 2015, not a paper, not a scientific script, not a poem, short story or maybe a novel.  I dont know, i always think that i should write some serious stuff or i will die and feel nothing, or i will not feel calm, or happy, or fullfilled or what. Cant figure it out yet.

Working :

Damn, i will transfered at some far office for a few months, excited and no idea at the same time.  I hope new office will makes me more passionate to do any job i'm getting involved with.  A job is a job, you must do it.  I hope the income can make me pay all the bills and still have some space to save and do some investation.  Most of all, i hope the new job will not get me so bored or i find some way to make it more interesting.

Wanting :

A new bussiness to being busy with.

Thinking :

Some serious stuff like why i'm sleeping all day on sunday and wide awake till 1.42 am (yes, its already monday when i write at a post named my kind of sunday) or why i still awake knowing i will feel asleep in the morning and working and sleepy and makes my face look less interesting but just dont give a shit. 

Wondering :

Why i write this blog, said some shit with my complicated english, and feel calm and feel good, and think i could fix some of broken things in my head just by writing it out.  Or maybe it is.  Maybe it is not.  

Oke, done it on 1.54 a.m.  Hope you have a fabulous february everyone!

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