Sunday, October 18, 2015

Weekend List

When its Monday-Friday, easy to find something to do.  There is a 7-3 job i need to do, a course and a class.  But when its comes to weekend, mostly i just sleeping or watching tv.  Feeling lazy but always want to do something.
But recently the internet connection is good and i started download Tv Series that inspire me.  I always like american series movie that i can keep up long, especially when it background is work that related to what i do.  Its kinda inspirate me to do more in what i do.  Here's some suggestion:

1. Limitless.

If you are a fan of NZT - 48. Then this is the series of Limitless movie that act by Bradley Cooper, when in this series he comes as a mysterious man who looks like helping (or maybe setting up) the main character, Jake McDorman (as Brian Finch) who used to be the ordinary man who follow his dream, to be a musician but still not get any bright future and last as a singer at a cafe, then his friend from the band who became a succesfull agent FBI.  Then the trigger comes from his dad that almost passed away because of an ill that doctor cant diagnose, so his friend help him and offering him NZT.
This is an american crime drama that trigger an imagination of the full possibility to access the brain and can make a perfect recall that ever they read, heard or seen. This series is from CBS and cant wait for the next episode.

*4 of 5star for 3 episodes on 1st Season

2. Quantico.

Quantico comes as an American Television thriller created by Joshua Safran from ABC that makes me really excited because its comes up a good vision that please my eyes to see how FBI Agents got in an academy.  Starring an india actress who also a miss world on 2000, Priyanka Chopra that looks good and hot beside her good personality and became almost top of the class.  I just really like when a tv series makes a woman as its main character and can make the main character as inspired as Alex Parrish, an independent ambitious woman whose her life in an edge that she must fight and set for it when all the FBI in town look after her as a terrorist's primary suspect.  Its very exciting and amusing.  And cant wait for the next episode!

*4,5 of 5 star for 3 episodes on 1st season

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