Saturday, April 30, 2011

10 Things About Me

People said noone knows you than yourself.  But i doubt that, sometimes, i don't know much about the fool mistakes i did.  I know, if i think about it again and again, that is nonsense if i do that things, but i do.  Even i know that is not good for me.  Maybe that is something called the woman's sensitiviness to blame.  Sometimes my feeling works more than my logic and i'll be such a drama queen that if i looked at the mirror and see who i am, i would be ashamed.  But when i at that situation, my feelings says to me to do that, and i can't control it. Anyway, i REALLY must delete my bad behaviour and that is, 10 facts you may didn't know about me:

1. I can crying all night long without really knowing what i'm crying for. (Especially when i got PMS)
2. I love sleeping (but sometimes feel guilt about that)
3. Sometimes i want some attention but i'm always in denial
4. I am very jealousy but i don't want to show it
5. I really like a calm situation, that if i have a problem, i want to left alone so i can think by myself.
6. I can't lied to myself, i can't give you a poker face if i hates you, i just keep silent, i can't lie and pretend to be kind.
7. Sometimes i lied (But i really feel guilt)
8. I really like watching movies about the agent FBI, but it must hollywood and beautiful people
9. I like to see people and looking a reason to look at them if they are beautiful
10. I really thinks my bf now is my soulmate
11. I obsess to translate all my languange to English so i can get use to using English
12. I want have a little house, but with modern and minimalist style
13. I don't like to depend anyone else
14.  Forgive me if sometimes my structure is not good because i just like to trying my skills
15. I don't want to tell something good about myself, i want to proof that
16. If i hate people, it always motivate me to doing something better than them
17. Good books, Good movies and Good Song is always make my day !
18. Sometimes i shops and my future haunted me to have more savings.
19. Sometimes i getting annoyed if people ask me about anything if i'm not in a good mood
20. I really like something mysterious but not-too-mysterious !

Well, That is some random things about me. I write it when it raining and i can't go out at my 'out-time'. So i just stay alone at my room and i planned to surfings, reading, and listening music all day long !!!

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Happy weekend everyone !

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