Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Regional Autonomy’s Day ! 25th April 2011

Regional Autonomy's Day of Indonesia. 25th April 2011

A few of my friends was attended the ceremonial at governor's office that remembered  the regional autonomy's day This Regional Autonomy's day based by Presidential Decrees Number 11, 1965 about Regional’s Autonomy. I just know it has remembered. So i want to have a little post about it.  And forgive me for my english, i just want to try my skill to write in English. :)

The new era of government starts from Law Number 32, 2004 that basically changed the paradigm of government, the Law about Regional Autonomy.  Even that idea with decentralization had been substained at the Law before. But the euphoria of regional autonomy that hopes could bring the new era of democracy still haves so many problems too.

Its just not about to changed the law, but how to implement that at the whole of republic Indonesia, about the relationship between people and state.  Its just not about to increase the regional’s income, its about how the region make sure bring all of them people to the better way without corruption, collusion and nepotism. Its about how we fight the injustice and poverty.  Its about how we make the public policy that really based by public's interest.

And then, we meet another problems, money politic. With the political things that substained at local election, we can’t deny the money politics, the interest politics, how they fight and survive with right or wrong way to stay at they place, if they already have a position, or how they can get the position. They will do so many tricks, but and when they already accomplish their purpose, they will relax and pay their effort to get there who involve many people. They must be thankful too with people who support and help them until they get their position, with make their ‘clients’ as a priority.  That makes the publics, of course must wait from them.

The excellent service is the popular things too, how the governments make a good government that based by transparency, following rule of law, accountable, participatory, consensus oriented, responsive and also equitable and inclusive.  But after the all dynamics of politics and attraction of interest, I can’t agreed more with the popular term “Good Government is Less Government”. Just let people work and government just control about their act so they can’t ruin our country and make a bad effect for environments.  Happy Regional Autonomy’s day people !!! 

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